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John Daniels has the following suggestion for any young person with a keen desire to meet up with Gorillas via the CRGP Gorilla Club

Over to John who explains………

This could be interesting to many children and will keep them busy during lockdown while little formal education is happening; the CRGP (Cross River Gorilla Project)’s Gorilla Club. This is a free educational resource for primary-aged home-schoolers on the Cameroon rain forest where the Cross River Gorilla is to be found, a critically endangered animal.

Designed to be rather different from the normal educational resources available, it leads to an understanding of the importance of the rain forest to combat climate change and species extinction. As full school opening is likely to be further delayed beyond June, additional activities might prove welcome to stressed locked-down parents. 

The Gorilla Club has produced two packs of activities which have proved popular, with a further two to come and is easily accessed by clicking on this link through your browser: https://www.crossrivergorillaproject.co.uk/coming-soon

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