Links and Key Contacts


  • EDF Community Benefit Fund [Barmoor Windfarm]
  • Northumberland Planning Department
  • Pothole Reporter [to use this, you must zoom in to the location of the pothole, on the map provided]
  • Northumberland Archives [this section of the County archive takes you to the Ordnance Survey Maps extracts. Other categories can be selected there]
  • Footpaths and Rights of Way problems. Click the link to open the NCC form that allows you to report problems – blocked paths, hedges overhanging, etc.. It is Northumberland County Council’s responsibility to raise issues with the owners of property that have caused the problem. Footpaths should be marked over fields, especially through growing crops; and Hedges trimmed back by the owner of the hedge. NCC can prosecute if need be.
  • Fly Tipping – use this link to report any fly tipping on public property.

Key Contacts