Our World War

Welcome to Britain and the War – as you remember it – or through your family stories or how where you live bears testimony.

This is an opportunity to post memories of 1939-45, and to send in photos for the gallery. To add a story, memory or portrait type it into the LEAVE A REPLY box below, and press POST. You can comment on posts if you have more to add.

To send in a picture, click the email address: lowick.live@outlook.com and add your picture as an attachment. And send it! I’ll post it onto our gallery on this page.

This page will be open to collect stories and pictures until at least VJ Day – and then who knows?


One thought on “Our World War

    Amanda Worlock said:
    May 8, 2020 at 8:25 am

    Where were you Dad when the war ended?
    My father DrJohn Howell was a 15 year old corporal in the ATC, his father Oswald Howell was a war veteran from the First World War and during the Second World War he was in the Police War Reserve.
    On the day peace was declared my father was at home cleaning his kit listening to the radio. My grandfather was out on guard duty protecting the case Severn Bridge. My grandmother was a teacher and was out and my fathers older sister was at work as secretary to the CEO of Gloucestershire Transportation
    When my father heard the announcement he tells me his first thought was to have a drink! He searched the cupboards and found the Christmas sherry, he poured a large glass and toasted to peace and the remembers running out in to the street shouting to everyone he saw that peace had been declared
    Then the party really began!


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