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You’ll remember that when the pandemic started many of you were kind enough to volunteer to help out in one way or another. And that offer was SO helpful!

Well, we now have another issue to take into account. Since the village shop in Lowick has closed,  some people are facing significant difficulties in buying food supplies, etc., and we  have a  particular shout out for help.

One household in Lowick with no internet connection, no transport and without full health needs someone to shop for them  on a  weekly basis.

Can you be that person?  Can you shop for their household as well as your own?

Hopefully the shop will be up and running again soon and in case you’ve not heard there’s a meeting Tuesday evening in Lowick Village Hall at 7 p.m. to find out what’s known and to see what we can do as a community.

In the meantime can you help out with the shopping?

Jane Pannell


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It is a month until Remembrance Sunday, which will be commemorated at Lowick Church and the War Memorial.

Please feel free to leave a personal Cross of Remembrance for any member of your family or friend you would like to commemorate. There need not be a connection with Lowick, only with you as someone who lives here. You do not have to attend the service.

Further details of this year’s service will be published at the beginning of November.


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Village Shop Survey. Please take a few minutes to let us know about your ideas.

If no buyer or tenant of the shop is forthcoming, the Parish Council is hoping to find ways to open a Community Shop, which will be relevant to the needs of Lowick and the wider district. The online survey is below. If you need a printed copy for you or your neighbours, please let me know.

On Open Meeting on the Shop and the Platinum Jubilee

On Tuesday 12th October at 7.00 pm there will be an open meeting in the Village Hall to collect ideas about the shop.

We will also be hoping to hear from you about the Village’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, next summer.

Thankyou, for taking the survey


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At 9 am this morning [30.9.21], the Blakes handed the keys of their shop and home back to Mr Michael Mcguigan, and an era came to an end. The shop has closed, the shelves are empty, its beating heart is still.

We thank the family for their contribution to village life, and to the essential services they performed for all of use, whilst the shop was in their care – not the least of which was the key role they played during the pandemic, when so many depended on their ever open door, their well stocked shelves, and their willing deliveries to those who had to isolate. As Churchill almost said – ” Never was so much, owed by so many, to so few!”

We wish them well in their new life in Bowsden.