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Open to all, – warm welcome, blazing fire, engaging speakers and discussion!


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John Fiddes posted the following sad news on What’s Going On…… It’s posted here, for those who don’t see the Facebook page for the village. The village flag has been lowered as a mark of respect.

With great sadness the passing of Clare Wallace on Monday 9th January. There will be a service at Berwick then burial at Wooler on 20th January, times will be given later. Our sincere condolences to the family, Clare was well known in the village.


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Our County Councillor, Colin Hardy, has pursued the non-appearance of the school-based 20 mph traffic calming scheme, and provides the following update from Northumberland County Council.
My apologies that the scheme has not been completed yet.
We are currently waiting on Street Lighting installing the advisory 20mph when lights flash signs, which they should complete by the end of January. There is also an additional sign that needs to be installed, which is currently being made up at our sign shop, this should also be installed by the end of January.
As soon as the work is complete, I will let you know.
Any further questions, just let me know.
Thank you,
Michael McMonagle
Programme Officer 
Technical Services
Highways Improvements

Northumberland County Council


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The graphs above have been taken from our two speed signs, which have been problematic recently. From December onwards it is hoped that the information will be reliably available. The full graphs and data are available on the PC website. If you double click the image above it should be larger.

Please also see the letter from NCC about the installation of the 20 MPH scheme promised for the end of 2022.


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Fiona Mackintosh sends us this account of an incident involving her dog and another recently, and has asked that we publish it as a warning and for information. In the light of recent events in Sussex, it comes at an opportune moment.

Many villagers are dog owners and enjoy exercising them on the Common, which is a wonderful asset. One afternoon after Christmas, I was crossing the Common with my dog, when she was bitten on the throat by another dog, requiring sedation and three stitches. The vet said it could have been very nasty, because the bite was so close to the jugular vein.

On investigation, I found out that Northumbria Police ”do not report on dog on dog attacks”. I spoke with the Local Dog Warden at the Council and she told me that this is a civil matter between the two dog owners. In my case, the other owners are taking the stance that they are under no legal obligation to pay all or any of the vets bill. Neither have they enquired as to the welfare of my dog.

Fortunately, she has recovered, however, there is nothing I can do to prevent the same thing
happening to another dog.