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Christmas is coming, and the goose is getting ready! So far, Lowick, Bowsden, Kyloe and Fenwick have seen a Christmas like no other – and that is only partly thanks to Covid.

You will read about the MINCE PIE COMPETITION below, and soon to be published are the details of the XMAS WINDOW COMPETITION, and how you can get your online ticket to ALICE IN LOCKDOWN LAND – our ZOOM PANTO for 2020. If you are on the Lowick.Live mailing list, you will soon receive details of both events.

Though there are to be no minced pies and mulled wine in the village hall – there will be CAROLS, CHURCH SERVICES – and awards for COMMUNITY SERVICE FOR 2020.



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We are grateful to Harry Wilson, of the Bowsden Bugle for publishing this – which we reproduce here as relevant to all walkers in the area.

Colin Wakeling writes :

Since the onset of the Pandemic, more people have been using, and hopefully enjoying, the rights of way in this area. The paths are generally well-defined where they cross arable land although at present new ploughing and cropping may obscure them for a while. However where they run through wooded areas they are very much more difficult to follow because of undergrowth and there are some missing footbridges where they cross streams.

Kyloe Parish (which includes Berrington) has had some useful contact with the Area Countryside Team to enlist their help in ensuring these walks are accessible as possible to local residents. Whilst the ATC has limited resources, they will give what help they can.

A number of these paths link Bowsden with Berrington (the Lough, the Law as well as Berrington itself). They may not be classed as iconic rights of way but they can form useful and relatively level recreational routes offering glimpses of a range of flora and fauna changing with the seasons, provided access does not become an obstacle course. As the undergrowth dies back, Colin is hoping to walk the paths and list issues which need attention. He would welcome Bugle readers help, particularly in identifying places where obstacles have made access difficult. Colin can be contacted on 01289 387 366 or colin@itswakeling.com


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  •  Mince pie competition amongst residents of Lowick, Fenwick and Bowsden
  •  Christmas hamper to be awarded to the maker of the best pie from each village
  •  One pie to be submitted per person with entries delivered to the Lowick village
    shop (permission to be obtained)
  •  Entries to be accompanied by a sticker on a cocktail stick piercing the pie, giving
    name, telephone number and village of entrant
  •  Judging criteria: pastry – crispness, buttery taste, doesn’t fall to pieces;
    mincemeat – full flavour, plenty of fruit, mouth-feel; with 5 points for pastry and 5
    points for filling
  •  Timing: all entries to the shop by 12 noon on Monday 7 December; judging to
    happen that evening at the shop (tbc with shop and judges)