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There is now a link on LOWICK.LIVE which will take you to the right place on the NCC website to report a blocked or missing right of way, our pavement overhung with branches. This follows a number of enquiries about local paths that have become hard to follow, for one reason or another.

Footpaths and Rights of Way problems. Click the link to open the NCC form that allows you to report problems. It is Northumberland County Council’s responsibility to raise issues with the owners of property that have caused the problem. Footpaths should be marked over fields, especially through growing crops; and Hedges trimmed back by the owner of the hedge. NCC can prosecute if need be.


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Following interventions by the County Archaeologist, Historic England, Lowick Parish Council, and Councillor Lawrie, President Estate Farms has undertaken not to cultivate the site of a former Roman Marching Camp adjacent to the Roman Road at West Horton.

The site, which is a scheduled ancient monument, has already been partially ploughed over, as the aerial photograph reveals. It was brought to public attention by the proposed removal of many of the hedges on farmland near Laverock Law.

It is hoped that this fragile site will now remain undisturbed for the future, and may one day reveal more of its history – if historic agriculture post Enclosure Acts has not already done too much harm.

Also lost are the hedgerows, which were unprotected as they could not be described as having significance as an ancient boundary, or as a unique contribution to the landscape. That hedges remain vulnerable to industrial scale farming came as a surprise to those who had always understood the law afforded them protection.



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The damage caused to the War Memorial Fence by an unknown heavy vehicle taking the corner into Green Close too tightly is to be repaired by the Parish Council – who will meet the cost, likely to be in the region of £100.

Examining the fence, Councillor Stephen Mather said:

“I had a look at the three bent posts this morning and I was surprised to see 40mm solid square bent like that. It could be a costly affair replacing the posts and concrete foundations.

I could try the easier and much cheaper option of straightening them up by cutting and welding them. I don’t think the concrete foundations have been disturbed too much and they still have a tremendous hold into the ground.”

Following the repair that Stephen will attempt, there will be some remodelling and refreshment of the whole memorial and its garden in the new year. 


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The mystery is solved – the new sign adorns the multi-purpose bin for litter and dog poo Lowick Parish Council has installed at the corner of Eelwell Lane and Church Lane.

Resplendent in black and gold, and accompanied by a glorious tub of autumn blooms, it fills a gap in the lives of all our dogs and their walkers who might find themselves caught short whilst passing down Church Lane and the Backsides.

For this relief, Parish Council, much thanks! Three hearty woofs.


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The Parish Council has a fund from the County to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses for those who helped others during the lockdown.

This is a finite pot, and will eventually empty – but the PC would like to hear from you if you incurred extra expenses. Please send dates, details of amounts spent and/or miles travelled to Ann Gold at lowickparishcouncil@btconnect.com.

Claims will be dealt with as soon as they are received.