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The latest from the County Council is the sad news that the scheme for chicanes at the limits of an expanded 20mph zone are unlikely to be put in. The Council has a new architect, and is cutting back its spending on such schemes, focusing, as our County Councillor, Colin Hardy, says “only on 20mph zones round schools”. As one Lowick councillor observed, “It’s lucky we have our own mobile chicanes, in the shape of parked cars.”

It is still not known when the safety zones will be installed. A meeting with the new architect is promised.

Meanwhile, our safety cameras are fully operational, reports Cllr Hanson, with full data recording and reporting available from both signs.


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The table above shows the December figures for our two interactive speed signs. Full details are on the PC website.


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A meeting of Lowick Parish Council will be held in the Village Hall on Thursday 20th January 2022 at 6.30pm


  1. Chairman to welcome everyone
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Declarations of Interest
  4. Platinum Jubilee celebrations
  5. Minutes of previous meeting
  6. Matters Arising
  7. Finance – precept for 2022/23
  8. Neighbourhood Plan
  9. Transfer of Community Asset
  10. Trees on Common
  11. Glendale Live questionnaire
  12. County Councillor Report
  13. Matters to report on potholes, repairs/maintenance to highways/street lights etc
  14. Correspondence
  15. Any other business

17th January 2022

KA Gold, Barmoor South Moor, Lowick, Berwick upon Tweed TD15 2QF

Tel: 01289 388205  Email: lowickparishcouncil@btconnect.com   www.lowick.live



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Planning Application – Ref: 21/04136/FUL : Residential development of grazing land as Village Meadows Phase 2, comprising 4 bungalows and 12 houses, and including roads, servicing and associated works. Land south of Village Meadows (phase 2), South Road, Lowick.

The Parish Council objected to this application and have asked for it to be discussed by the full planning committee, so that it can present its case

  • The proposed development is outside the draft Neighbourhood Plan boundary – COVID has held up the plans and Northumberland County Council have taken so long over the assessment it hasn’t yet been adopted.
  • 36 homes already have planning permission and extra development would over-stretch the facilities in the village.
  • The Neighbourhood plan proposed to leave open space for recreational facilities
  • The development would break up the openness from the Common
  • There’s still a problem arising from the current development over the footpath which is not up to standard
  • The proposal is not respectful of the heritage of the area
  • This is a permanent greenfield site and the company has planning permission to develop brownfield sites
  • Affordable housing could still be too much for local people on low wages and no provision is made for homes for rent
  • The Neighbourhood Plan would no longer be relevant if planning permission is given
  • A member of the public present at the meeting expressed concerns about the drainage – during recent heavy rain raw sewage came up through the drains, and suggested that the dry stone wall should be reinstated.
  • The traffic flow at an already busy road junction would be increased

Parish Councillors also requested a site visit before a decision is made on the application