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The Common shortly before last June’s sunny weather and the crowds appeared for last year’s Fete.

This year, we’re planning another sunny day for the village to enjoy, and have already begun discussions about events and activities on the big day.

We are proposing SATURDAY JUNE 17th as being the best day for the Fete – and are keen to hear from you about this choice.

Please click the thumbs up or the thumbs down below – or email us via the Contact Us page of Lowick Live.


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The sign says it all – or almost!

After years of campaigning from the Parish Council, Children at the Village School, and concerns expressed by local residents, Northumberland County Council has installed the two 20 MPH signs protecting the centre of the village during the school day. The area covered includes the bus stop where children get on and off busses, as well as the First School itself.

One thing is missing – that is the lights that the signs tell us to look out for – but they will doubtless be along soon – we hope!

Meanwhile, thanks to County Councillor Colin Hardy, whose pressure and intervention has made a real difference, and to his community spending chest, which has provided the funds.

Of course, it would be nice to see a proper 20mph limit through the whole village, at all times, and for the officers of the Council to drop their opposition to this on the grounds that nobody would obey it!



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The raw data for these figures may be found on the Parish Council Website.