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Events in Bowsden and Fenwick, our neighbours and friends, are covered in the two monthly newsletters edited by Harry Wilson & Colin Wakeling. Lowick.Live posts these on its pages as they are published as PDFs for you to open and read – in case you do not receive a copy yourself.


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Here are the newsletters for our first school, for December.


12 Social Media Tips

Newsletter 13.12.19


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The Police have not informed us of any spot speed checks during this period.  The percentage of those exceeding the speed limit from the East have been lower than last month, 28.50% as opposed to 34.87% last month. From the West it was almost the same with 39.51% against last month’s 39.15%.  There was another especially selfish character going past the Vicarage at 70<75mph around 2215hrs on Friday the 11th.
In October the total number of vehicles recorded coming into Lowick from the East was 32,093 (up from September’s 27,649) and from the West it was 28,616 (down from September’s 30,468).  There appear to have been several Diversions off the A1, see page 3 of the Summary Sheet, as confirmed by the large increase in volume of vehicles travelling at below 10mph coming from the West.  However, some of this might still be due to the harvest:
In respect of the A1 diversion through Lowick, I compared the whole of October 2019 against that of 2018.  From the East, there was a spectacular increase in vehicles of 716% (+8482) and from the West, it was an impressive 445% (+5842), see attached spreadsheet. [Stats section of the Parish Council Website]. The figures may not be statistically significant, but it is an indication of the extra traffic diverted through Lowick.  The diversion for all northbound traffic from the A1 was through Lowick, whilst the majority of the southbound traffic was diverted further west.
My apologies;  I have now triple checked my figures and discovered that I had made an error manipulating the data.  The correction merely increases the amount of traffic coming into Lowick from the west in 2019 in respect to 2018:
“In respect of the A1 diversion through Lowick, I compared the whole of October 2019 against that of 2018.  From the East, there was a spectacular increase in vehicles of 716% (+8482) and from the West, it was an impressive 445% (+5842)  463% (+5908), see attached spreadsheet.”


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This is to alert you of a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order as follows:

  • 115538842 C37 Hetton House JCN To Bill Law JCN
  • C37 Hetton House Junction To Bill Law Junction Wooler

Northumberland County Council announces a road closure for bridge maintenance, to strip back and rebuild Hettonburn Bridge.

The Order is valid 06/01/2020-06/07/2020. The Road is expected to be closed 13/01/2020-05/04/2020


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If you suffer from poor broadband in our community, you might like to consider an alternative. We have recived the following letter from Alncom, who offer a non-copper wire broadband service. Other providers may do this as well, but as you can see, this company already has a foothold in Kyloe.

Gavin Sewell, Project Manager writes:

There has been some activity in recent months in upgrading the broadband infrastructure around the Kyloe/Lowick/Bowsden areas. Alncom who are based in Alnwick and are leaders in providing broadband solutions to rural communities have upgraded their network to start covering local areas.

The recent installs at Kyloe mean they can now relay the broadband using wireless line of sight technology to areas that have poor broadband speeds. Because the technology is not reliant upon copper telephone wires ultra-fast speeds are now available subject to a survey.

A government grant voucher scheme is now live which covers the cost of the install leaving you to choose your package which start from 30Mbps download speeds.

If you are interested please contact Alncom on 01665 604816 or go to the website and complete the enquiry form at

Kind regards

Gavin Sewell
Project Manager
The alncom group
Tel: 01665 604 816
Fax: 01665 604 160