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The Big Northumberland Day Flag Parish Challenge 2020 approaches……

…..and all villages in Northumberland are invited to join in. Northumberland Day is MAY 24th 2020, the day when we should be filled with pride for the place we live

You can read all about it by downloading the online challenge HERE > pspringnews

Ideas about involvement are many. Below are some from 2017.

The Parish Council is keen to get things rolling and is about to get in touch with all local groups, businesses and individuals about how they could celebrate Northumberland, and help carry the flag to its next destination.

An email will shortly go out on the subject – meanwhile, below, are a list of suggestions. Although there’s an award for the BEST COMMUNITY CELEBRATION, the real prize is getting as many involved as possible – so if you are keen , drop us an email.

The award is The Northumbie Award and is sponsored by the NORTHUMBERLAND County Show.

Ideas of How to Get Involved

Download the List of suggestions by clicking ways_to_get_involved.


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Resurfacing of the A1 between Fenwick and Haggerston using overnight closures starts again on September 2nd. During these times the A1 will be closed in both directions between Fenwick and Scremerston Hill.

Traffic will be diverted along the B6353 to Lowick then up the B6525 through Ancroft. Local roads will also follow this diversion route though some limited access to the A1 will be maintained where possible. As work progresses and it becomes possible to safely reopen junctions they will do so. This phase of the works is due to finish in early November.

To minimise the disruption, they will also be improving and repairing drainage at Low Lynn and making safety improvements at Haggerston Castle and Fenhamhill junctions. The drainage works will continue through to early December but will be completed using lane closures and traffic lights.

There is also a promise that damage to local roads by increased traffic will be taken on board – so we shall see.

So expect the roar of traffic at odd hours, since the convoy system used further south appears not to be good enough for the likes of us.

The response from Highways England to our objections to the 2019 A1 scheme can be read here: From Highways England / 568990-3.6-prog-v4.


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A number of residents have raised the problem of speeding vehicles through the village – a situation made worse by tractors and grain trailers heading towards the Silos at apparent breakneck speeds. As one said – “With all that weight in their trailers, and a mobile phone often in their hands, how can they be sure they could stop if a child ran in the road?”

The Parish Council [PC] has conducted a long and often fruitless campaign to control speed through the village – and regularly discusses the issue at meetings, with the data from its own speed warning signs to back them up. With staffing levels at an all time low, the Police seem unable to provide cover with speedtraps, and without an accident, no safety camera would be considered.

Here are July’s figures:

In July the total number of vehicles recorded coming into Lowick from the East was 22,754 and from the West it was 33,950 well up from 24,995 in June.  Diversions off the A1 from West to East, see page 3 of the Summary Sheet appear to be the cause, as confirmed by the large increase in volume of vehicles from the West travelling at below 10mph:

Full details are kept from July on the Parish Council Website. See the link below.

Our Defence against Speeding

The village’s chief defence rests with the vehicles parked in the Main Street which force vehicles to slow and wait for oncoming traffic and prevent overtaking.

A recent campaign for a 20 mph speed limit past the school met with success – however Neil Snowdon, who has never visited us, proclaimed that permanent limits were out of the question – because “this would only encourage overtaking by hotheaded drivers who couldn’t wait behind slower traffic.” The best we could hope for were temporary restrictions at school start and finish times.

The PC is taking up the issue with Northumberland County Council – to point out that slower speeds make roads in towns safer, and that no overtaking in Lowick can take place because there is usually no room for two cars to pass.

You are urge to lend your voices to the PC campaign – and DEMAND THAT TWENTY’S PLENTY! Contact your County Councillor today! Here are his details: Cllr Roderick Lawrie email: You could also email traffic officer Neil Snowdon at 



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To end our season is a CLASSIC DOUBLE BILL from the 1940s:


Note – we will be starting early, at 7.00pm.


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To read the July newsletters from our First School click the links:


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The next round of bidding for support from the Windfarm Community Fund, via the Community Foundation will open on July 15th. On that day, this link will take you to the right area:

The officer in charge is Nils Stronach. His details are below.




In the meantime – please put together your proposals – if you have applied before, you know the score – if not this reminder applies.

  • At least two quotes
  • Have a proper sets of rules and a constitution
  • Be able to provide bank account details, including any reserves you have that are not put aside for vital spending in emergency
  • Be able to demonstrate how it benefits members of your community
  • You will be expected to contribute your own funds to the project
  • Plus anything else the application process demands
Nils Stronach​
Senior Programme Advisor
Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland
Tel: 0191 222 0945  ‑
Philanthropy House, Woodbine Road, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 1DD


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Temporary Traffic Regulation Order as follows: 114141867 B6353 Lowick To Fenwick


B6353 Lowick To Fenwick B6353 Lowick

Northumberland County Council – Road closure for carriageway repairs, structural patching and resurfacing Order is valid 01/09/2019-01/03/2020

Road is expected to be closed 30/09/2019-04/10/2019 07:30-17:00

Access will be maintained for emergency vehicles, residents and businesses within the closure

TM personnel on site to deal with any arising issues