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The mystery is solved – the new sign adorns the multi-purpose bin for litter and dog poo Lowick Parish Council has installed at the corner of Eelwell Lane and Church Lane.

Resplendent in black and gold, and accompanied by a glorious tub of autumn blooms, it fills a gap in the lives of all our dogs and their walkers who might find themselves caught short whilst passing down Church Lane and the Backsides.

For this relief, Parish Council, much thanks! Three hearty woofs.


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The Parish Council has a fund from the County to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses for those who helped others during the lockdown.

This is a finite pot, and will eventually empty – but the PC would like to hear from you if you incurred extra expenses. Please send dates, details of amounts spent and/or miles travelled to Ann Gold at

Claims will be dealt with as soon as they are received.


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Do you wish you could use a computer and get on-line to your relatives and friends?

And maybe some services you need to access?


If there’s some help available to train you up and get you started, would you be interested?

 If there’s a number of people and if you would be interested in learning how to use the technology – in simple and easy lessons … please just let me know and we’ll see what can be arranged. Jane Pannell – 01289 388321. No commitment! Just an expression of interest ….



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The vacancy on the Parish Council has been filled by Tim Cryar.

He was unanimously elected by the Parish Council at its meeting last week.

Tim has lived in the village for many years, and is an ex-naval officer. He has played an active part in the preparations for the Neighbourhood Plan, and is also the chair of the Local British Legion.

Most recently, he has conducted the Remembrance ceremonies for VE and VJ Day at the War Memorial.


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Yesterday I joined a zoom meeting with the Health Minister Nadine Dorries and Professor Peter Kelly, Director of Public Health for the North East, to discuss new measures which will come into force in our region at midnight tonight.

The measures have been brought in because covid-19 cases in some areas of the north east are now very high, especially in Sunderland and Newcastle.  Although the rates in Northumberland are much lower, they are rising fast so the decision has been taken to include our county in the measures in the hope that we can reverse that trend quickly.

I will be reviewing figures on a ward level and making the case for wards or areas to be removed from the restricted area as soon as possible. I do not want to see these restrictions in place any longer than is necessary and I will be pushing for them to be lifted as soon as case numbers start to decline once more.

The measures being brought in do not constitute a “lockdown”. People will continue to be able to go to work, school, restaurants and cafes and go on holiday.  However, there will be tighter restrictions on mixing between households.

The changes:

  • There will be no socialising between households allowed, indoors or outdoors. If you have a support bubble (where one person living alone is added to your household)  or children under shared custody agreements, those arrangements remain unaffected;
  • There will be restrictions on the “night time economy”. Bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, bowling alleys, cinemas, and nightclubs will have to close between 10pm and 5am;
  • The existing guidance that restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars should offer table service only, will now become a hard and fast rule;
  • Only essential visits to care homes and hospitals will be allowed;
  • People should not go on holiday with people from other households.

I will be keeping my website up to date with links and information to all Government advice on this, and will of course send out further emails if and when there is a change to the restrictions.

Best wishes