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Successful applications to the EDF Barmoor Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund from the Parish Council, the Village Hall Committee and the Heritage Group bring good news to the village for life during and after Lockdown These mean that the village is to get an upgrade to its Play Park Equipment, a second defibrillator will be installed on the wall of the Village Hall, and the exciting finds at Hunting Hall can be followed up.
  • The Playpark will see the removal of older equipment which has been the subject of criticism from safety officers, with new swings and better seating for tired parents!
  • The second defibrillator is being installed following receipt of advice about the distance from a defibrillator which is considered safe and appropriate.
  • Equipment for further archaeology and analysis of the finds at Hunting Hall will be provided
The bids were approved by the Barmoor Wind Farm Advisory Panel, a few days ago – together with others totalling over £30,000 in the area affected by the windfarm. Awards are published below
Bowsden Village Hall for upgrading the existing website £800
Lowick Heritage Group for equipment to prepare, undertake and analyse the next stage of the archaeological dig at Hunting Hall £3,692
Lowick Parish Council for replacement swings and benches for the playground in Lowick Village £7,123
Lowick Village Hall for installing an automated external defibrillator at the village hall £1,820
Wooler Skills Workshop for tools and materials for home crafting  £3,000
Wooler Young People’s Association for the salary of a Youth Worker to support young people living in rurally isolated locations £9,828
NTC Touring Theatre Company for a performance of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ at Etal Village Hall  £1,197
November Club for a home-based digital project to support Northumbrian first school pupils during the Coronavirus pandemic £1,999
Norham Public Hall for upgrading the building’s audiovisual system £1,817

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