Heritage Weekend in the Village Hall

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Lowick Heritage Group is holding a Heritage Weekend on Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October. This Special Event will explore 4000 Years of Lowick History. There will be a display of photographs, historic maps, local archaeological finds and an update of the Dryburn Limeworks Conservation project, each day from 10am until 4pm. There will be free refreshments, and a chance to sit and talk about the memories the many images are sure to provoke.

One key theme is the launch of a “Domesday Book” project on THE BUILDINGS OF LOWICK.

The Lowick Heritage Group has teamed up with The Neighbourhood Plan researchers to create a database of the buildings of Lowick, recording the changes in use and in the families who owned and occupied them. This will be a long-term project and your help would be appreciated.

John Huddart from the Parish Council adds: “We are interested in materials and styles of building, and changes made over the years to sites and the structures on them. This will help create a neighbourhood plan that acknowledges local heritage sites and qualities, when considering new developments.

Julie Gibbs from the LHG has been researching Lowick’s past for many years. She continues: “On the day, we hope that you will enjoy looking at the images, many from the Robert Sinton collection. We hope also that you would like to contribute your own knowledge about Lowick. What can you remember about the properties? Any detail, however small, may be significant. If you wish to jot down any memories, paper will be available. “

Finds made by the Archaeology group will also be on display. These numerous and varied artefacts some dating back at least 4000 years, a few as many as 8000 years, should help us determine not only the earliest evidence of people living in this area but add more to our quest of answering the question ‘Where was Lowick?

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