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You may have heard that LNER has looked again at its proposals to reduce rail services in and out of Berwick. Here’s the quote from the MP’s latest newsletter to prove it!

“I wanted to end this week’s email with a thank you. Hundreds of Northumberland residents took part in LNER’s consultation on their new timetable, which would have seen a reduction in services to Berwick and Morpeth stations.

Thankfully, after months of meetings, lobbying, and setting out the case to the Secretary of State and LNER, they have listened to us, and confirmed the timetable change won’t now go ahead. LNER have told me they will be making changes to their proposals, and consulting afresh on those, and any new changes would come in from 2023. 

As you will expect, I will be very interested to see the changes they make to their plans, but I would expect them to take into account the economic and social arguments we made in support of better rail links for Northumberland and to see those echoed in their new proposals.

I know LNER was surprised by the strength of response from Northumberland residents, so thank you for the part you have played in making this change.”

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