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A recent question to the Parish Council asked why the pavements are not cleared of ice and snow, like they are in larger towns like Wooler. There was a suggestion too that other villages were cleared of snow in the same way.

Sadly, the County Council only clears pavements in major shopping streets, and employs men and machines to do the job. This doesn’t extend to villages.


In the past it has also supplied salt bins, and filled them for use by anyone in wintry weather. We have 4 – see a recent post in Lowick Live – but sadly one is filled with water. It looks like the future of bins like this is about to pass to the Parish, so the PC is looking into replacing the damaged bin and contents, and adding at least one more. We may not be able to afford machines, but we can provide a bucket of salt. Hopefully before not too long.


In the last cold snap, almost as our questioner was asking why the Council was not out clearing paths, two young people were out with shovels clearing paths for others. When we learn who they were, we will name and thank them. If you can let us know the names of any people who do good deeds, please let us know – they richly deserve to be praised and embarrassed!

This is possibly a good opportunity to remind us that this act of good neighbourliness is something we could all do. If you clear the path, why not do your neighbour’s too – especially if they might struggle to do so themselves.

The idea that you are legally responsible if your good deed contributes to an accident  is a myth – so take up your brush and shovel! In Canada, apparently, it is the law that you clear the snow in front of your own property – we aren’t forced to, except by our own good nature – and neighbourliness!


Last year, before the pandemic, we had begun to look for volunteers to be snow wardens. The search stopped abruptly when the government ordered us into our homes. Snow wardens received kits from the County Council, in return for clearing snow. We will report on whether the scheme is still available.


    rpmclothingco said:
    October 24, 2021 at 3:57 pm

    One year on and winter looming the issue of the water filled grit bin has not been looked at, I have sent pics to the parish council yet again.


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