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The annual Beating of the Bounds in Lowick on Bank holiday was blessed with fine weather, and the Bishop of Berwick [above].

Claiming the eventual sunshine was the work of The Almighty, and not his prayer of blessing that launched the annual pilgrimage on its 12 mile tour of the parish boundary, Mark Tanner, the town’s Suffragan Bishop, was accompanied by over 30 determined residents from both near and far – all of whom had braved a wet morning to see bright skies quickly develop.

‘The beating of the bounds is a traditional ceremony that takes place in many rural parishes,’ as Bishop Mark reminded the walkers. ‘It was traditional to take an unfortunate child with the group, who would be beaten regularly on the way round, presumably to atone for past wrongs.’

On this Bank Holiday, no young person could be found who was willing to continue the tradition, so it was omitted!

On a more serious note, the annual walk has become a key event for the village, with people of all beliefs and ages happy to join the growing throng. Not only a key community event, the entry fee supports the local church, and all who participate enjoy refreshments on the way, and a certificate at the end.

Church Warden John Daniels organises the walk each year, supported by a team of cake makers and route finders. He added: ‘It is a great community occasion, bringing folk together for healthy exercise which refreshes both body and spirit. How religious is that?’

BELOW – a gallery of photos from the walk. To add more – email to Lowick.Live.

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