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The story goes that  there is a stand off between GMC builders and BT/Openreach over the new footpath in South Road, next to the development named Village Meadow.

Apparently GMC aren’t willing to pay the amount of money to have the poles moved from the centre of the path to the edge as per the plans. They want BT to foot this bill.. Until the poles are moved, GMC will not top the path. BT will not move the poles until GMC pay the relocation price.

Let us hope a solution can be found – there are raised covers and curbs to step over, and bracing wires. In the meantime, it may be safer to walk in road, like we used to do!


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The following is a summary of our MP’s latest newsletter

The Government has published a document containing the road map, along with the scientific basis for the plan.  You can read it HERE.#

The main stages out of restrictions are  below, together with the 4 tests which will unlock each stage. The approach is one of caution, in order to try to ensure this is a one-way path. The dates are guidelines which could change according to data and the effects of earlier stages.


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Every stage of unlocking depends on these tests being met. There will be a gap of at least 5 weeks between each stage to enable sufficient data to be available to assess the impacts.

Face-to-face education in schools and colleges is a national priority. The decision to restrict face-to-face attendance in education and wraparound childcare settings has been taken only where it has been absolutely necessary to control the virus and save lives. 

Also from 8 March, each care home resident can receive a single nominated visitor who will wear PPE and take a lateral flow test before visiting. From 29 March, outdoor sports can restart and groups of 6 or two households can meet outdoors to socialise.

From April 12 at the earliest, some sections of the indoor economy can re-open. Driving tests may resume, and crucially for Northumberland’s tourism economy, self-contained holiday lets can re-open to members of the same household, as long as entry, sleeping and bathing facilities are not shared.

From no earlier than 17 May, weddings, receptions, funerals, and commemorative events including wakes can proceed with up to 30 attendees. A broader range of stand-alone life events will also be permitted at this step, including bar mitzvahs and christenings.

The Government will further ease limits on social contact, enabling the public to make informed personal decisions. It will remain important for people to consider the risks for themselves, taking into account whether they and those they meet have been vaccinated or are at greater risk.

From no earlier than 21 June, there will be no legal limits on social contact and weddings and other events can take place without limits on numbers.

The Government will publish accompanying guidance on how best to reduce the risk of transmission and protect ourselves and loved ones. some measures may be required even after all adults have been offered a vaccine, because neither coverage nor effectiveness of the vaccine will be 100%. As a result, a significant proportion of the population will remain vulnerable to infection, some of whom will also be vulnerable to severe disease and death.

At present, many countries require visitors to have received certain inoculations and to present proof on entry. It is likely the same will be the case with covid-19 and the government wishes to enable UK travellers to be able to satisfy entry-requirements for other countries. Once more is known about the evidence of vaccines on transmission and their efficacy against new variants, the Government can look to introduce a system to allow vaccinated individuals to travel more freely internationally.

This is a different issue to proving your vaccination or test status domestically.

The Government will review whether COVID-status certification could play a role in reopening our economy, reducing restrictions on social contact and improving safety. It will draw on external advice to develop recommendations that take into account any social and economic impacts, and implications for disproportionately impacted groups and individuals’ privacy and security.

The Government will set out its conclusions in advance of Step 4 in order to inform the safe reopening of society and the economy.



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The plans as seen from the road. The extension is to the right, replacing the small dining room. The main entrance will be in the centre section.

The recent application for changes to the Black Bull have been changed. New plans have been submitted, which can be viewed at the link below.

The building will be extended to the west, where dining and guest facilities for shooting parties will be accommodated. The kitchen will be rebuilt, and 5 further bedrooms added. Additional car parking is being constructed at the rear of the inn.

Parish Council members have broadly endorsed the scheme as being good for the village’s economy and facilities for both residents and guests. You can add your views on the planning portal, by following the link.



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At the last Parish Council meeting, ALNCOM TECHNOLOGY outlined their proposals for extending fibre broadband into people’s home in the village and nearby. David Lawrie, from Alncom, outlines below the process for anyone who is interested in signing up for their service. They have agreed to add a free broadband connection to the village hall, and will be displaying a banner there, advertising their offer. They can be contacted at http://www.alncom.co.uk.

David writes:

I have outlined the process, from enquiry to connection, of the potential full fibre broadband network in Lowick.

The first stage is to gather commitment to the project via our website registration page, email and/or telephone calls.  We use this information to apply for a voucher from the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Scheme so we will need the following information:

  • Full name
  • Full Address and postcode
  • Contact email address
  • Contact number
  • Whether it’s a Residential address or Business
  • Business name if applicable
  • Trading status

Spreading the word about this project is vital to its success – so please tell all your neighbours and friends.

We then apply for the government voucher scheme on your behalf.  You will receive an email from gov.uk confirming your application.  This email will need validating by the applicant. All vouchers applied for will be pooled within the build plan.  Our engineers will then get to work on the infrastructure and connect your property with full fibre.

The connection will involve a brand new fibre connection to your property (FTTP) and the voucher also pays for a new router and a single Wi-Fi mesh extender. Once connected you will receive a further email from gov.uk confirming the connection is live and that you are happy with the service.  This email will need a validation also. You will then enter in to a minimum of a 12 month contract with Alncom to supply Broadband as your new Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Our package is as follows-

  • 1st month for free (This is to help with the transition from your current ISP)
  • 12 month contract (minimum)
  • £24.99pm
  • 100mbps
  • Unlimited download

I hope this explains the process fully for you but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards



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The village of Lowick and its neighbours will soon be tuning in to its own local radio station!
Lowick Community Broadcasting (LCB) will be ‘on-air’ in the next couple of weeks and will offer to local residents the opportunity of joining in with the project in a whole range of ways.
At its last meeting the parish council heard  from project leader Kevin Archer who gave an outline of progress so far and future plans.
Kevin writes:
‘This is an exciting new venture which I hope will capture the interest and imagination of a wide range of local people of all ages and backgrounds both as listeners and contributors.
Having had experience last year of setting up a radio project on Holy Island and before that of involvement with community radio in West Yorkshire, I know how much such a venture can offer by way of developing and showcasing communication, organisational and technical skills and strengthen a sense of local identity.
We will offer opportunities to become involved whatever your level of expertise and experience, and training will be available.
Creating lively radio programming is, of course, a practical and social activity which can flourish even during times of lockdown and it is my firm hope and belief that LCB will play its part in helping to maintain community spirit both in the present climate and as things gradually return to a semblance of normality.’
If you have questions or you’d like to find out how you can get involved, you can drop Kevin a line at kevin@lcbradio.co.uk or call him on 01289 388231.