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Do you have a love of jigsaws and can’t wait to start a new one? Last year we introduced the village bus shelter book box, thanks to Glendale Connect.

We’ve gone a little further and added a box for jigsaw swaps. There are already two puzzles there waiting for you to try.

The rules!

  1. Swap or borrow a jigsaw
  2. Try to bring it back if you just borrow
  3. Donate a iigsaw if there is room in the box
  4. please don’t donate or swap a puzzle with missing parts.



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Ten years since the last jubilee fete in Lowick  – and the fete on the Common, the jubilee queen procession, the music…………..

And now we’re back again to create some fresh memories, and to celebrate a remarkable life once again.

Do you have any photos or video from any of these village events? If you have, and would like to share them, I’m hoping to put together a video presentation to be shown during our Fifties Film Festival.

Please send via email any images you have, and are happy to share, to me at jah.lowick@gmail.com.

Thanks. John Huddart