Parish Council Annual General Meeting

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The Annual General Meeting of Lowick Parish Council will be held on Thursday 9th May 2019 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

The AGENDA is published on the PARISH COUNCIL website – see the link at left.

Questions should be sent to Mrs KA Gold, Barmoor South Moor, Lowick, TD 15 2QF Tel: 01289 388205


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Northumberland County Council has at last produced a new spatial plan on which it is consulting local groups. The plan is mostly acceptable and forward looking, however concerns still exits over wind farm building.

The government has declared that these should not be imposed on inland districts, and that offshore sites are their preferred option.

The NCC declares that large sections of the countryside, though of considerable landscape value, are suitable for turbines. It states that this should not be allowed if they are not approved locally. It also states that re-turbining existing sites should be permitted.


Lowick Parish Council feels that there are still questions to be answered here. We print its responses to the plan under REN1 and REN2 [RENewable Energy 1 and 2].



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Thanks to Rebecca Maitland, our newest, and the County’s youngest, Parish Councillor, our Bus Shelter is about to be upgraded.

With a leaking roof, and seriously out of date timetable information, the PC thought it was time for repair and re-decoration. Rebecca, sensing an opportunity, has gone several steps further, and with the co-operation and participation of Lowick CofE First School and financial support from the Community Wind Farm Fund, we hope to have a shelter, an information point, and a work of art – before the end of the year.

The work put in has been amazing – with Rebecca taking a school assembly, researching building costs, and putting together a bid for funding – but here are some of the details, taken from her own report to the Community Foundation.

This project aims to renovate the whole bus shelter in Lowick Village. This will include replacing the current roofing, creating a ‘feature wall’ that has been designed by the local school children at Lowick First School, replacing the current noticeboards and pin boards, installing new self-watering planters and painting over outdated walls and bench with a new colour.

“The bus stop in Lowick hasn’t been repaired or renovated for years and it is currently not a welcoming place to stand in and wait for a bus, especially for the children. By completing the work, this will turn the shelter around, involve a considerable number of the community when doing the work needed and create a safe and welcoming place, that represents the benefits of Lowick and what goes on in the area. Ultimately, this will encourage tourists to the area and persuade locals to use public transport more often.

So we await the decision of the Fund, and hope that we will have a real experience of Lowick, when we wait for the bus in future.

Improving our community is a key aim of the Parish Council, so please get in touch if you think of a project we could take on.



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In the next 2 or 3 days, Community Action Northumberland [CAN] will distribute a new Housing Needs Survey to every household in the parish.

It has been commissioned by the Parish Council in order to assess the housing needs of the community in 2019. The information you supply will help it gain a picture of the housing available, and required in the future. The Council hopes to use this data in the Neighbourhood Plan it is developing to guide housing development in the village until the 2030s.

The Council adds: “We aim to encourage new housing that will augment the stock of homes available for young families who need somewhere to live, while working in the village or nearby.

“At the moment, we have a likely stock of 40 or so plots with planning permission for new houses in the village, or at its edge. Only a very few of these are likely to be affordable for the budgets of those young families.

“Information from you can help us build in policies which will allow house building we really need, and not just more 4 bedded houses for the more well off – if that is what our survey today reveals.

“The questionnaire comes with a postage-paid envelope to send back to Community Action Northumberland [CAN]. This has been composed by CAN and has been used with many villages who are writing their plans. CAN will collate the information and report on it to the Council. The findings will be published in due course.

“We want to emphasise that the information you provide is fully confidential, and the questionnaire is completely anonymised, protecting your privacy.

The survey needs to be posted back by 29th March.


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All eastbound traffic out of the village will have read this sign by now – a welcome indication that the B6353 is about to have the lunar landscape that is the road past the silos relaid.

A reminder to take care, while the work proceeds, when exiting or arriving via Dryburn Lane. Strollers, dogwalkers and cyclists might wear their brightest hi-viz, or go somewhere else for 5 days!