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Bus 464 Timetable Changes

Click the link to see the current and future times of buses through Lowick – the service features an extra bus from Berwick to Wooler first thing in the morning at 0702, and one going the other way at 1830.



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Bidding has just opened for the next round of support from the EDF Energy Barmoor Windfarm Community Fund grant. Click the link below, and then look for the current application form on the page [has the legend oct-17 at the end of the link].

£30,000 has been allocated to the fund for this round, which will be decided in October 2017.

Please note that the deadline is the 21st August – which is quite close, given the amount of paperwork required.




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We have added a list of local traders to the Lowick:Live website Рsee the INFORMATION tab. The idea is to update this with new names of people who can provide  local service. Please see the page and send us the names.

If you are a local trader, please tell me what you provide, so that I can include your service.

What’s in Your Parish Plan?

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The Neighbourhood Plan group are collecting and discussing ideas for the future of the Village and Countryside as I write, and are hoping to be able produce a scheme to vote on in 6 months time. You will find detailed info about their ideas if you click the link to the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Plan will have two parts.

  1. “The Planning Framework – which will be a statement about building and development in the Parish that will be a mandatory part of the planning process for building in the vicinity. This will affect new buildings, adaptations, building styles, areas of the community which are considered appropriate for development, and those which shore be protected from it. This part of the plan could affect you, if you want to build something,anywhere in the Parish. So the the group will publish its discussions regularly so you can have your say – and make your suggestions.”
  2. “The Community Plan – working with the Parish Council and Local Groups, we want to devise a plan of action and development that will promote community facilities, activities and action. This was last attempted in 2004 [the Plan is on the Neighbourhood Planning Website] and we want to take it forward.”

Areas the Group are discussing

  • Community Facilities
  • Natural Environment & Bio Diversity
  • Accessibility
  • Housing
  • The Local Economy
  • Heritage, Character and Design

They hope you won’t be surprised if they come knocking on your door for your opinions!

No Contest!

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There will be no election for Parish Councillors on May 4th as there were exactly the same number of candidates as posts. There will also be no change in members, as all previous councillors were deemed to be re-elected. Officers will be elected at the next council meeting on Thursday 18th May.