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We are approaching the date when a new Community Award is presented for services provided in the village. The award will be presented at the Community Xmas Lights and Panto Night on 1st December.

The Parish Council is seeking your help in identifying this year’s candidates, and you can do so by speaking to us by e-mail, or filling in the form with your recommendation.

To be considered for the award the person should have

  • Performed an exceptional service or helped in the community in 2017
  • Been an unsung hero for years of unstinting community effort

The service could be personal, or for or on behalf a group.

We are always looking for involvement by the Under 21s, and will make a Young Person’s Award, if anyone is identified.

Please put your suggestions in by 16th November.

Nominations for Community Award 2017


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After an application to the Barmoor EDF Community Fund, the Village Hall was awarded a grant to purchase a new noticeboard, blackout blinds for the main Hall, and Foldaway Blocks for use by the Pantomime Players, and other groups who wish to use a bigger stage.
The grant of £2,464 will enable the Hall to obtain these well before Christmas.
“It’s great news for the users of the Hall, and the Village,” said Peter Calder, Treasurer of the Village Hall Committee. “A better blackout will make users of the projector happy, because the existing curtains don’t exclude daylight properly. It’s only a little stage and this will mean the Panto group will be able to use more space. The new noticeboard will be secure and protect village notices better.”
At the same time the Heritage Group was awarded £1,320 to buy archaeology equipment for the work it does in discovering more about the village’s past, and in training new archaeologists in field techniques. It was unsuccessful on this occasion in securing a small grant to carry out a survey for the Lime Kiln Project.




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Lowick Leek Club have just announced a series of events and competitions designed to get us through the dark days of winter.

Firework Display

There will be a FIREWORK DISPLAY at the Football Club, on Sunday 5th November at 5.30pm – with hot dogs and soup. All are invited to this free event, and donations will be welcomed at the gate.

Christmas Prize Bingo

Bingo at the White Swan – Eyes Down at 7.30 pm on Saturday 2nd December. Proceeds to Lowick Leek Club

Other Events

Christmas Hamper – tickets on sale at the Bingo then in the Village Shop
Bottle of Whisky raffle in January – to be drawn at a Burns Supper in The White Swan
Christmas bus trip to see Santa – date and time to be confirmed as Santa is very busy at this time of year – Look out for info!


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Last month, Northumbrian Water (NW) were confident that they could connect up Barmoor Lane End to the new water main by the start of October.  This has not happened! and we have just heard from NW why this is the case.  Apparently, Northumberland County Council Highways [NCC] did not speak to NW before remaking the Barmoor Lane End junction.  As a result, because there is an automatic ban on digging up newly laid road for a period of several years, when NW turned up to carry out the connection work they could not do so.
They now plan to lay a new section of water main around the road junction and connect up the houses to that, instead of the new main that they had laid under the junction.  NW will shortly hear if NCC will accept their new plan.
Once the above has been completed, then the County Council can get on with relaying the B6353 from Barmoor Lane End to Lowick, putting an end to the trenches and bumps that presently exist.


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The first Heritage Weekend, held by the Lowick Heritage Group, was a huge success. with a population of 552, LHG can be proud that 343 visitors called at the exhibition over the weekend. Congratulations to all those who prepared and ran it, especially to Julie Gibbs, whose researches and display skills were at the centre of the exhibition of photographs on display.

Also on display was the draft of the Village “Domesday Book” which the Neighbourhood Plan is compiling to help inform its proposals for local planning in the future.


Comments on the weekend have included:

Just a brief note to congratulate you all on a splendid event of which we can all be proud.   The exhibition was excellent and held something for everyone who attended and the team who were standing by the exhibits did a great job in involving all those who attended.  A great job and definitely a firm foundation for future activities.   Harry Wilson, Bowsden

Just emailing to say that the Lowick exhibition was really good last weekend. Had a good chat to several folks and caught up with the archeology too. Long discussion about bronze axe heads, as I found two as a teenager in my home village in Northants ( known for iron age and Roman settlements!) Lovely to hear the buzz of folks reminiscing over photographs and to see lots if animated talk going on all around the exhibition. So a huge vote of thanks to all those who have spent much time collating information and actually putting the exhibition together…..I do appreciate how long such things take to achieve.
So, ‘Congratulations Lowick History Group !’  Alison Murray