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Fiona Mackintosh sends us this account of an incident involving her dog and another recently, and has asked that we publish it as a warning and for information. In the light of recent events in Sussex, it comes at an opportune moment.

Many villagers are dog owners and enjoy exercising them on the Common, which is a wonderful asset. One afternoon after Christmas, I was crossing the Common with my dog, when she was bitten on the throat by another dog, requiring sedation and three stitches. The vet said it could have been very nasty, because the bite was so close to the jugular vein.

On investigation, I found out that Northumbria Police ”do not report on dog on dog attacks”. I spoke with the Local Dog Warden at the Council and she told me that this is a civil matter between the two dog owners. In my case, the other owners are taking the stance that they are under no legal obligation to pay all or any of the vets bill. Neither have they enquired as to the welfare of my dog.

Fortunately, she has recovered, however, there is nothing I can do to prevent the same thing
happening to another dog.

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