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Support for residents

Advice to help Northumberland families and individuals

Below you will find links to information available on Northumberland County Council’s website to share within your communities to help residents.

This information will be kept up-to-date to ensure our residents are getting the information most relevant to them at the time they need it.

Support and information about payments and discounts.
Household costs and bills
Support and information about payments and discounts.
Gas and electricity bills
Gas and electricity bills
Information about energy including discounts, payments, and grants.
Mental health and wellbeing
Mental health & wellbeing
Support and advice for people in Northumberland.
Housing and council tenants
Housing & council tenants
Looking for support and information about payments and discounts.
Skills, jobs and work
Skills, jobs and work
Information on apprenticeships, career guidance and support.
Support for families
Support for families
Information on benefits, childcare, school meals, activities and hubs.
Keeping warm this winter
Keeping warm this winter
Warm spaces and places, giving a warm welcome this winter.
How to volunteer
How to volunteer
Information on how others can volunteer.
Help with transport costs
Help with transport costs
Discounts and information on different types of travel.
Support for businesses
Support for businesses
Help and guidance available for businesses.

Northumberland Communities Together

Northumberland Communities Together works with a wide network of community spaces, places and people across our county that are available to support.

Residents can contact the Northumberland Communities Together response hub on 01670 620015 from 9am to 6pm 7 days a week or email

If it is urgent

If you think someone may need immediate support, help or protection ring our emergency response line OneCall on 01670 536400 – 24/7, 365 days a year

Contact us
Information on how to contact Northumberland Communities Together.
How can i help?
How can I help?
Information about how someone can volunteer their time.
Many thanks for your help in sharing this information within your communities.

Kind regards,
Councillor Glen Sanderson – Council Leader, Northumberland County Council
and Rick O’Farrell – Interim Chief Executive, Northumberland County Council

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