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We are all hoping that Storm Barra will not present the same issues as Arwen, but it is best to assume the worst!

Forecasters are predicting snow instead of rain, and perhaps lighter [!] winds, so here are a few tips:

  • The Grit bins are full, so take a bag or a bucket and get your supply for your roads and pavements – that’s what it’s there for.
  • Have a brush and shovel ready to dig yourself out – Bookless may still have supplies
  • If Barra comes, please check your neighbour to see if they need anything.
  • If you have a problem that you need help or advice with contact us – here are some useful numbers;
    • Ann Gold, Parish Clerk – 01289388205
    • John Huddart, Chair – 07833592678
    • Amanda Worlock, Vice Chair – 07719599587
    • Susie Nielsen, Councillor – 07525 638490
    • Philip Hanson, Councillor – 07905 848197
    • Tim Cryar, Councillor – 01289 388466
    • Susan Graham, Councillor – 07708029074
    • Stephen Mather, Councillor – 01289 388428
    • Marjorie Bell, Councillor – 01289 388472
    • Fiona Burn, Councillor – 07776138744
  • If you need a local tradesman to fix or mend something, please check the list on Lowick Live.

What of the future?

We can expect more rather than less of the same. Bad weather events come more frequently, though it’s sometimes easy to forget.

The Parish Council is keen

  • to apply to the Community Foundation for money for a generator that could keep the Village Hall powered in case of future needs.
  • to review the information the County Council can supply us with, when things go down, and to pressure for a better service.
  • to promote local snow wardens, using the free kits NCC will supply on request.
  • to hear from anyone in the parish with suggestions for better help and support

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