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Builder J M Craig has applied for permission to build 16 houses on the derelict grazing land adjacent to the “Village Meadows” Development, which already consists of 8 houses.

The proposal has already aroused a storm of protest, as the submissions to the Planning website reveal. To read these and the full details of the proposals, follow this link to the planning website, and search under 21/04136/FUL.

Below are images from their submissions.

The Site plan, with South Road to the left.


Computer renditions of the 4 types of houses, front and back



The view of the Houses from Lowick Common


The plans amount to a severe challenge to the proposals of the Parish Council for a parish boundary putting this section of the land outside the settlement, thus preventing this kind of speculative development in the light of existing unspent planning elsewhere in the village [up to 36 unbuilt homes already with permission granted] .

Discussion at the next Parish Council meeting is likely to reflect this challenge, along with detailed comments on the plans themselves. Had not Covid intervened and shut down the County Council process, it is believed this boundary would have been posted and voted on by the village, and if successful, the development prevented.

A key issue for many is the extremely harmful destruction of the link between the Common and the Countryside, with its view of the Kyloe Hills, which is so valued by all who use our best open space.

It is thought likely that the Parish Council will challenge the development, and ask to have its objections heard by Northumberland’s full planning committee, where it can explain its case.

In the meantime, please send your comments to the Parish Council, or directly to the planning department, via the link above.





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