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On 11th November, at 11 am, The School and many of the villagers gathered at the War Memorial for the Annual Act of Remembrance. For many years, this has been a key event on the school calendar, and the service was well attended by the community, as well. This year, prayers were said by the children for those named on the memorial.


The annual service will take place this Sunday, as usual. There will be four locations – St John the Baptist’s Church for the Fenwick Memorial, The Plough across the road, The Lowick Memorial, and the Poppy Cascade at The White Swan. The ceremony starts at the Church at 2.00 pm. Please note that the timing at the Lowick Memorial will follow on in approximately 10 minutes.

If you wish to place a Cross at the memorial, to remember a family member or a loved one who fell in any conflict, you can do so at any time, or as part of the ceremony. The Memorial Stone at Barmoor Corner should not be forgotten, as this was the original Lowick Memorial. Private Memorial Crosses are also placed there each year.

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