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If you answered the call in the survey – thankyou. The results are below.

103 people completed the survey, which is an amazing response, as LL goes out to 150+ addresses. This alone tells how important our shop is. The numbers are numbers of “votes”, except when people visit the shop – that’s a percentage.

The most popular reasons for using the shop are:

Fresh bread or rolls 79
Dairy 79
Newspapers and Magazines 74
Eggs 59
Collect Prescriptions 52
Everyday Groceries 51
Sandwiches, pies 51

People visit the shop:

Every day 32%
Frequently 30%
Once a week 22%

Opening Hours Preferred

I need the shop to be open

In the Morning 66
Saturday 64
In the Afternoon 43
Sunday 38
First thing in the morning 25
After work 16
When school starts or finishes 14
Late opening 7

What would you like the re-open shop to sell?

When the shop returns, what would you like it to have?

Local Produce 58
Groceries 53
Household Goods 27
Prescriptions 27
Other Option 27 11%
A Cafe  22
Stationery 22
Gifts 17

The Future?

There is no definite news on the fate of the shop, which was to go on the open market on 18th October. It is hoped that a buyer will be successful in taking the shop over, and it will reopen in the not too distant future, answering the wishes of the many people who completed our survey.

Should the shop not be bought, the Parish Council will lead a community bid to take over the shop, and has already looked into the many ways this can happen, and some of the ways it an be funded. This is not the preferred option, but we are ready to start, if it should be necessary – thanks in no small part to the interest shown at our recent meeting, and in the questionnaire.

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