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It is approaching! Her Majesty, that very nice girl in the Beatles’ song, has spent 70 years as our Head of State – a record breaking run, in which Britain has held together, and the world has changed beyond all recognition.

A number of events are promised – and amongst them is a bank holiday for us all in June.

Conversation has already taken place about how we could equal the Diamond Jubilee, and the Golden Jubilee, and the Silver Jubilee, and the Coronation……

These have all left their mark in little ways – a tree, a flagpole, films of parties on the Common – to name but a few.

In September, the Parish Council will call a meeting to discuss the Parties and Festivities we will hold to mark this great occasion – so if you’re a street, a group, a family or a group,  please put on your thinking caps, and get ready.

For the Diamond Jubilee, we closed a road, held a fete, and crowned a Jubilee Queen. So what will we do this time?

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