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The Parish Council which looks after the Common is happy to see planting of memorial trees or placing of more memorial seats in parts of the Common. It has identified sites where trees or seats could be placed, and would be happy to discuss a memorial or gift with anyone interested.

Family members or residents of the village are eligible. The Parish Council can give help and assistance with the choice of memorial, as well.

Once established or set, the Parish Council will be responsible for the memorial, and will endeavour to look after it.

Space for trees and seats include the top of the bank, adjacent to the pinfold, or along the south side, next to the stream. The Parish Council will plant a new hedge along part of the boundary shortly, and is looking to keep the area round the old trees there tidy. It hopes to use the existing stumps to carve seats or figures, as part of the tidy up.

Please get in touch with the Parish Clerk, if you would like to discuss a tree or seat:

KA Gold, Barmoor South Moor, Lowick, Berwick upon Tweed TD15 2QF  Tel: 01289 388205


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