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There have been a number of further complaints recently about the frequency of dog poo, abandoned on the wayside by dogs and their owners, out for a stroll.

The vast majority of pooches and walkers behave lawfully, but hotspots near the village have been commented on.

The grass alongside the path to the football field is a favourite site, where poo is frequently left by dog owners. Ironically a dog bin awaits at the gate of the field. As children can be expected to walk this way to the field for practices and games, the PC asks you to get into the habit of clearing it up. Within a day of its being mowed, 12 separate poo sites were counted in the grass.

As part of its war on poo, the PC has ordered another bin, to be placed in Dry Burn Lane. It is seeking more reminder signs, and is considering placing free poo bag receptacles in hot spots.

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