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We are about to replace the LOWICK INFORMATION BOARD which is on the wall next to the bus shelter. This has been there for many years, supplying tourist information, and was made and paid for by the local district council. Many of the details are out of date.

The plan is to refresh the content with the latest information, and a new selection of images depicting local landmarks and buidlings. If you enjoy drawing or painting, this is where you come in. We would like local people to contribute the artwork which tells the story.

Please contact us at lowick.live@outlook.com if you would like to contribute artwork. This can be new or old, as long as you or someone who lives here, has done it.

We want to show Lowick at its best, and most historical, so any subject that fits will be appropriate. You can also help by sending us the nae of your favourite Lowick location. Just repond at the bottom of this post.

Thanks for helping! Get you paints and pencils out!

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