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Someday soon, the restrictions of lockdown will be over, and the community will be able to resume its normal life. Many of us have been imprisoned in our homes, wishing for the chance to meet up, and do things, free of Netflix or Zoom.

But what will we be returning too? What clubs and groups will satisfy our needs to enjoy life to the full, once again. So here is a questionnaire, sponsored by the Parish Council and Keep Lowick and District Connected. We are looking for suggestions for the sort of activities you are aching to join – and if we see there is a demand, we will try to set the wheels in motion.

For any group to get going, a bit of help is often available. The North Northumberland Voluntary Forum can support groups that improve the mental health and wellbeing of those taking part. For more ambitious projects, there is the Community Foundation, once the group has got going.

And we have good facilities, waiting to be used – the Village Hall, Rooms in pubs, The Church, A minibus – and probably more – not to mention, the beautiful countryside. So please fill in the questionnaire – either online, or by hand – and let us get the ball rolling for the day of our release!

We have provided some suggestions you might like to tick, and space for you to add ideas of your own. There is also the opportunity to say who you are, so you can be contacted if your ideas are popular.





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