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2020 saw an unparalleled challenge to our lives and our community. Naturally, this produced a host of people who stepped forward to help others through the imprisonment of lockdown.

The Parish Council decided that this year’s COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARDS should be given to those who had helped others in the Pandemic. It received several nominations for named individuals, as well as groups who have helped out alongside.

Accordingly, the decision was to award everyone who was nominated with an award. For the groups who were mentioned, there will be a certificate of service for each named member.

The intention was to produce the usual Engraved Salver, and distribute it before Christmas – but the shop in Berwick was closed by holidays, and then has gone into lockdown, so we are awaiting delivery, and this may be some time – so at the first opportunity, the Salvers will be made, collected  and presented.

In the meantime here are the winners of this year’s award – so thanks and congratulations to them – and their helpers, where appropriate.

  • RICHIE & KAREN BLAKE and the Village Shop
  • ANNIE & DAVID ROBINSON, and the Lowick Sewing Group and Friends

One thought on “COMMUNITY AWARDS FOR 2020

    Dean Keyworth said:
    January 15, 2021 at 6:52 pm

    Delighted for Ritchie & Karen – the shop is such an asset to the village


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