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You may be aware that NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group and Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust jointly launched an online community earlier this year in an effort to improve our patient involvement, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when we are restricted on how we can engage with the public.

‘Your NHS Online Community’ provides a space for members of the public to share their views and opinions about local NHS services. By taking part in discussions, polls and surveys, members can provide feedback on a range of topics anonymously and feedback is used to help improve our services. Members are also able to post their own discussions and actively engage with one another, enabling them to discuss the topics that are most important to them. Further details are below.


We need your help! We are looking for your feedback to help your local NHS. By signing up to our Your NHS Online Community, you can let us know your thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics which will help us to improve our services.

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  • Feedback was provided to better understand whether the principles in the good death charter still reflected what matters to patients most when they approach the end of their life
  • Community members gave their feedback on a new regional flu vaccination campaign which impacted on the decision about the final images used.
  • Asked people’s opinions on the social distancing measures we have put in place to see if this would make them feel safer attending one of our hospitals


We look forward to seeing on the community soon,

From Your NHS Online Community

On behalf of Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group and Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust



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