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With Remembrance Sunday approaching, now is the time to obtain your Poppy from the Village shop.

This year, the British Legion that produces the millions of poppies we all wear, has been unable to manufacure the lapel pins that have been an enduring symbol of remembrance for more and more people.

We are pleased to announce that a supply of hand-crocheted poppies is on hand, instead, and can be purchased from the shop as well. These have been made by Barbara Huddart, who has been making 10 a day for some time now! There is a recommended donation of £2.50, and every penny goes in the British Legion collecting box to support the work of the charity amongst ex-servicemen and women, and in commemorating the sacrifices made by British and Commonwealth citizens in war.

On Remembrance Sunday, we will be holding the usual service of commemoration at the War Memorial, on Sunday 8th November at 2.00pm. This year, there will be no earlier silence held at the Church to remember the fallen from Kyloe and Fenwick, in order to conform with anti-Covid regulations.


    Tim Cryar said:
    October 15, 2020 at 7:33 am

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