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Lowick Live is publishing this letter from John & Barbara Huddart, who are concerned to reassure residents about their health.

Dear Friends and Neighbours

A number of people have told us there is concern about our health in the village. Apparently one of us has contracted Covid 19. I thought I would write to Lowick Live to assure everyone that this is not the case ā€“ in case when you see either of us about the village you think we are breaking the law, and spreading the virus!

So please do not worry. We are well, and our daughter Katie is safe and well too ā€“ and never came home from university with symptoms ā€“ she is working away in her Edinburgh flat on her MSc, and has never met any of the other students on her course.

So thank you for your unfounded concerns. Let us hope for better, safer times.


John & Barbara Huddart

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