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Following interventions by the County Archaeologist, Historic England, Lowick Parish Council, and Councillor Lawrie, President Estate Farms has undertaken not to cultivate the site of a former Roman Marching Camp adjacent to the Roman Road at West Horton.

The site, which is a scheduled ancient monument, has already been partially ploughed over, as the aerial photograph reveals. It was brought to public attention by the proposed removal of many of the hedges on farmland near Laverock Law.

It is hoped that this fragile site will now remain undisturbed for the future, and may one day reveal more of its history – if historic agriculture post Enclosure Acts has not already done too much harm.

Also lost are the hedgerows, which were unprotected as they could not be described as having significance as an ancient boundary, or as a unique contribution to the landscape. That hedges remain vulnerable to industrial scale farming came as a surprise to those who had always understood the law afforded them protection.


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