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Here we are again! Covid-19 newsletter No 19!

It’s been a while and here we are with further restrictions, and so a quick update is appropriate.

Although there are limitations, some of our residents will be nervous and fearful and I hope that we, as a group of volunteers and good neighbours, can reassure those friends and neighbours that there’s no need to panic. Fortunately, the infection rate up here in the north is still relatively low and by adhering to the Government’s instructions we have a good chance of keeping it that way!

So, please check your friends and neighbours and let them know that, if they do need any assistance, its available!  They need only call one of the key contacts and help will be arranged!

And if you’re minded to help out yourself, then there are some useful guidelines from Emma Richardson who is heading up Covid-19 work for the County Council:

  • Volunteers should be paying full regard to Hands, Face, Space messaging.
  • Volunteers should not enter households, and shopping etc should be handed over with social distancing in place.
  • Meetings with others outside own households is not permitted. Social activities, e.g. walk and talk, should now be virtual or by telephone,
  • Where volunteers attend a work place (e.g. food distribution), social distancing guidance must be followed.
  • Please continue to be a champion and share good information, and reassurance to our communities

If you have any queries about these guidelines, please don’t, hesitate to let me know – 01289 388321.

And now is the time to claim for any trips you’ve done over the past few months to help others out in our communities. We were kindly donated some funds so that no one need be out of pocket and that funding is being looked after by Lowick Parish Council. So, if you did some distances and would like to claim mileage or incurred other costs, just make a note of the date and amount and send it through to Ann Gold who is the Lowick Parish Clerk.

And just to keep everyone up to date, elsewhere in Lowick Live is of news from the stitchers who have been working away on PPE etc materials across the north and into Scotland …

Hope you’ve had a reasonable summer and it’s been half decent weather as well.  Let’s all hope we have a good autumn and that the virus leaves us alone! Any queries – just let me know

Best wishes and stay safe

Jane Pannell

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