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The third walk in Lowick Live allows you to take advantage of the new instruction to drive somewhere before you take your exercise.

So off down the Roman Road, until just past the Hetton Law/Wrangham crossroads. Park by the byway which heads off to your right towards Doddington.

After maybe a mile take the stile off to the left, which takes you up the side of Doddington Moor, aiming for Dod Law.

Any crop field you encounter has no path across it, so you will just have to be bold and set off in the direction of the fingerpost – or take longer trekking round the fence.

If you follow the OS map [printed here – thank you HMG] you will also come across a few fences that have been added after it was printed. There are stiles, so you won’t need to panic.


As you ascend towards Dod Law, and take the prominent track over the Moor, which doesn’t seem to be quite in the same place as the path on the map. You will easily pass the rock with the cup and ring markings which appear here with such regularity. Up here, in the bronze age, they were certainly having a party, whilst defending themselves to the hilltops.

The view over Wooler and Glendale, with the Cheviots in the background is one of the best.

Your decent to Doddington, and a return up the Byway will skirt round the golf course. There is a good track through the Golf Course, but that is not part of a public right of way.


I am indebted to Maggie Harker for reading the instruction for Walk 2, and to supplying the following information.

Hello John,

May I offer some clarification on your piece on walk No 2 in Lowick Live, 1st April?

With reference your query as to whether the path from Northfield was diverted officially, the answer is yes. Some twenty five years ago the Sutherlands were approached by the footpaths and rights of way officer from NNC, and after a discussion it was agreed that a stile would be put in to give access from the B6525 into their front field. Though no signpost was provided. Nor, it appears have maps been changed. When the stile rotted and it was replaced.

As for the other stile, the fencer was specifically asked not to put barbed wire on it. I understand that the wire has since been covered up.

I hope that this helps.

With kind regards,


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