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It’s not every day that land is returned to use after years as an unloved wilderness but thanks to the lockdown, and the hard work of Allan Bell and David Rooke, that is exactly what has happened on Lowick Common.

Allan and Dave live over the stream to the south, and faced with days and nothing else to do, they decided to tidy up the corner of the Common nearest to them. Between them they have accomplished a small miracle – and have demonstrated that knockdown time on your hands can be put to very good use.

Their first target was the remains of the fallen tree that was largely removed by the Burns family a couple of years ago. An inviting pile of branches, now well seasoned, it became a pile of ashes in no time.

Not content with this, they attacked the lower branches of the trees which still grew along the edge by the Low. These had been the cause of the wilderness, since they prevented the Council mowing machine from getting close.

Having got the agreement to cut the  grass and weeds back if the branches were removed, our two risked life and limb to power-saw the offending branches and clear the way. And now, with the wilderness mowed down, we can see the Common as it once was – almost 15% bigger!

So thanks to Allan and Dave – heroes of the Common!

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