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The Village Hall is to be used for the production of PPE for the NHS.
Annie Robinson is involved with a Northumberland project to produce washable gowns for the NHS. The village hall is to be used as a depot to store and cut out material to make these. She is hoping that local sewers and seamsters would like to contribute.
Peter Calder of the Village Hall Committee says: “We are happy to open up the hall for this, and we will make a donation to buy material.”
Annie and Davis Robinson went down yesterday and set it up with 3 double tables spaced out, 5 small tables laid out with materials, cotton quilt covers, threads etc and sets of Isolation Gown Patterns.
Annie adds: “Commencing today, Thursday, at 10.30. Fiona from Kemping Moss is going in to collect some elastic and cut out some material. Helen Evans
is making some bias binding for Fiona so will go along to assess what she needs. Lynne will go along as she too is making  gowns and will get some advice. All socially distancing procedures will be adopted.
Good news for the the village, and for the fight to beat the virus. Stay Safe! Protect the NHS! Save Lives!
And raise an extra cheer for Annie and her team at 8.00pm tonight!

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