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Who’d have thought when all this started that we’d still be battling away in week 5? Well, we’re still pretty much clear of Covid-19 here in our patch and if we continue to behave as requested there’s every chance that we’ll remain that way. But things could happen and we could have members of our communities who catch the virus and end up in hospital. So, we need to keep our guard up and continue to try to support one another whilst sticking to the rules!

the news this week

  • Do you know about the Thursday fish van from Ross Dougal from Eyemouth (the same firm that has the van in Berwick Market)?  He comes to Bowsden and Lowick on a Thursday afternoon and you can arrange a delivery by phoning – 01890 751911
  • There’s a tight community feel developing up there in Holburn. Susan Graham (01289 388695) is the person to call if you need help locally (she’s also on Lowick Parish Council). Holborn is largely looking after itself and will let us know if they need anything extra.
  • There’s a scheme offered by Bell View of sharing books and we’re thinking of taking part. They’d delivery to the Lowick Village Store some safely wiped books in three categories – crime, thriller and general – and people would be able to pick them up or we could arrange for delivery if people are isolating. And we thought we could extend the offer through offering some DVDs and I’ve already had some offered by 2 households. Is this worth a try?

Jane Pannell
Keeping Lowick and District Connected

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