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Ivor Scott has been a lonely and heroic figure at the edge of the Common, as he painstakingly completes the Pinfold – our commemorative reinstatement, on a slightly smaller scale, of the village pinfold for stray livestock that stood on the site for hundreds of years.

He has finished his task now, and you can admire his superb craftsmanship as you stroll by, or the dog takes you for a walk. You will be pleased to see the unique touches he has built in – the central coral fossil that greats you as you enter, the mill sharpening stones that complete the seat at either end.

If you would like to discuss with Ivor a project of your own, here are his details: scott.ivor@yahoo.co.uk or 01890 883038.

He specialises in seats, firepits, barbecues, stonewalls – and he is pleased to help anyone.

Meanwhile, Stephen Mather is preparing the gate which will complete the main part of the project – after that it’s the ground fill, and perhaps some flagstones to the road. Later, we have some thoughts about dedications and heritage features. If you have ideas let us know.

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