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Following a government decision to allow online meetings of Councils as lawful, Lowick PC following guidelines, met via Zoom last Thursday.

The great majority of councillors and guests were able to successfully join the meeting, and the minutes of the event will be published in due course.

The core of the meeting was spent in discussion of the lockdown as it applies in the parish, and the success Keeping Lowick and District Connected was having in co-ordinating a team of willing volunteers, and keeping them informed about latest updates. Lowick.Live publishes its latest news shortly.

Some time was spent talking about life after lockdown, but it was concluded that it would be some time before social distancing rules could be relaxed in order to allow gatherings.

Meanwhile ideas are sought for things to do when the great day comes, and how we can use social media tools and networks to spread a little fun and appreciation.

The Council will meet again, via Zoom, on May 21st. Observers may join the meeting, if they contact the chair in time to be issued with a passcode, after the agenda has been published. Please email


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