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Another ex-soldier has been walking for charity, as well as the much-loved Captain Tom. Lowick.Live is proud to publish the success of our own Phillip Hanson, who completed his walk in March, at the beginning of the lockdown. Here is his account of his success.

Especially, since we live In difficult times, I am delighted to say that you collectively raised £700 for Combat Stress, trouncing the original goal of  £325.  (If you wish to contribute more, please do not hold back!)
Combat Stress’ assistance is of greater importance than ever because of all the extra financial and other pressures brought about by Covid-19 on those veterans who suffer from stress.
Please find attached just a few of the many photographs that I took on my ‘March’.  Despite the comments that I have emblazoned on them, I hope that they will inspire you to walk the many beautiful rights of way of the Parish of Lowick (Government restrictions allowing). 
Many thanks to all,
Phillip Hanson
Phillip’s photo album is here: March in March Photos

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