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During the lockdown we are pleased to meet, at suitable double arms length, our fellow dog owner as we go about our daily exercise, as allowed under regulations. However, reports are coming in that the increased numbers of dog walks and dog walkers now taking place have led to a noticeable increase in abandoned dog poo, especially, one complainant reports, in Dry Burn Lane. Also abandoned filled dog poo bags, left on a tree branch or by the roadside. How this is better than nothing, I do not know. We have the poo, and the plastic pollution to contend with!

So a reminder to all who take their pooch on walks. Don’t just kick it’s faeces into the grass down the quiet lane when you think you aren’t being watched. Don’t leave your bag of poop intending to pick it up when you go back that way again. Don’t just leave it because it’s in the middle of the road. CLEAN IT UP!

If you don’t – feel guilty, and hope that someone hasn’t snapped you with their mobile phone, and wait for the fine……….

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