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Yesterday, Katie and I completed this simple 2 mile walk west of the village. It was a very sociable experience considering we kept the regulation 2 metres from everyone we met – we avoided Philip on his March [twice], and several others – all taking the advice to stay healthy and walk once a day. So I thought Lowick Live could publish a series of walks, just to remind you that there are public footpaths and byways out there, just waiting for you to explore.

So here is the first – I’ve plotted it on VIEWRANGER – an excellent walker’s app which allows you to use free landscape maps as well as buying tiles from the OS – you could even download the route yourself. My apologies to Ordnance Survey for using their copyright map – but it’s not for profit, and only an extract, and these are unusual times.

All the walks will start at the war memorial, and will include notes to help you.

Please email me at Lowick Live if you have a walk you want to see included.

High Steads, Moss Hall and Ham Hall

This is an easy one to start with – turning left off the B6353 up the drive of Blackbird Cottage at the footpath sign. There are no major issues – a barbed wire behind the first stile has a plastic tube on it, and the path across the ploughed field has not been marked, so take the edge of the field round to the gate. It’s plain walking round the road to Moss Hall, then the footpath takes you over the fields to Ham Hall, back on the B6353. Beware the barbed wire 6 inches from the 2nd stile, after the former limestone quarry. If you are tall and careful you should be OK, but its a tight wire and needs some attention.

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