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I am delighted to say that I completed my ‘March in March’ today.  Many thanks to all those sponsored me @ <> and in the real world in Lowick Village Store, your generosity has far exceeded my expectations.
However it is not too late for the rest of you to donate to Combat Stress <>.  Please go online to <> and, if you are eligible, I would be grateful if you also Gift Aid your donation.  No amount is too small (or too large!), please leave your name or be anonymous.
If you know of someone who might also want to support Combat Stress, do forward this email onto them.
Combat Stress is a really worthwhile cause, otherwise I would not have ‘Marched in March’ and I certainly would not have bothered you about it.
Many thanks,
The secret to avoiding blistered feet, when you do not ‘March’ that frequently, is “1000 Mile Socks” (no, I do not have shares)!

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