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The latest updates on Covid-19

Who should be working?
A number of people have been in touch not sure if they should be going to work.  It is vital that everyone who CAN work from home does so, and for those who can’t they are able to do so safely.

I have added a “Should I go to work?” section to my website which takes you through a number of questions to help you decide.  Find it HERE. 

The updated list of guidance for customer-facing roles and premises is HERE.   It includes details for tradespeople who visit homes and how they can continue to do so safely.

Hotels, lodges and guest houses
As you know, these premises should now be closed unless they are catering for those who need them.  There is some guidance on who might need them HERE.  This will include key workers who need to isolate from vulnerable family members, those who would otherwise not have any other safe place to live and visitors from overseas who are not able to get back to their home country. Hotels and other community premises are also able to host blood donation sessions.

UK nationals abroad
A number of people have been in contact because they are concerned for friends or relatives who are abroad.  The Foreign Office teams are working hard to help those UK nationals who are able to be repatriated to do so.  It is vital that UK nationals abroad follow the relevant Embassy on twitter as that is where most of the updates are being published, including how to ensure the local consular team has your details.  They are working hard to try to arrange flights, so ensure they have your details (including location, passport number, date of birth and any relevant medical conditions).

NHS resources
The Government will be opening a new temporary NHS hospital at the London Excel Centre (NHS Nightingale Hospital) which will be able to cater for 4,000 beds, staffed by the military and NHS clinicians.

Over 11,000 recently retired clinicians have responded to the call to return to work, which is wonderful news.  Thank you to all of them, I know they include local Northumbrians.

You can help too by joining NHS Volunteers.  Over 170,000 have joined the call overnight.  You can click HERE to register your ability to help with vital tasks such as delivering food and medication, driving patients to appointments and befriending phone calls.

Please consider giving blood at this time if you are able to leave your home.  The NHS still needs people to donate, more so than ever. Find out how to do that HERE.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone for following the guidance and doing all you can to keep yourselves, your families and your communities safe.  We know this is a big imposition on all our lives.  It is not easy, but it is necessary.

Take care,

Anne-Marie Trevelyan

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