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Help during the Covid-19 outbreak

We’ve refined our volunteer list to take account of current circumstances around Covid-19. This means we have a list of people who are able and willing to do some
of the following:

 Deliver food from the shop
 Deliver prescriptions
 Walk the dogs
 Telephone people on a regular basis and make sure they are ok

Over the next couple of days, you’ll receive a flier with information about what’s planned and telephone contact numbers for you to use if you need some help. You’ll
appreciate that we need to keep you and the volunteers safe and that, therefore, they won’t be coming into your home. If you have a broader problem, then we might
need to signpost you to one of the services that are still running and are there to help.

This volunteer led service is being applied across the three Parishes of Lowick, Bowsden and Kyloe.

If you have any queries, please don’t, hesitate to contact Jane Pannell 01289 388321 and

Read the leaflet here:


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