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A lone cyclist on his way to the shop to sign up as warden. Note the hi-viz hat!

Can you handle the white stuff? Can you help your neighbours who are besieged when it snows? Keeping Connected is co-ordinating the squads of volunteers needed to maintain a serivce for neigbours when it snows again – hopefully now not until next winter!

Last month we appealed for volunteers to join a local snow warden scheme – we were looking for people who were happy to clear paths and access ways for members of the community who struggle to do this when snow blocks their contact with the outside world.

Each volunteer gets a County Council supplied snow kit – shovel, bag of salt, hi-ziz vest, torch, etc., and some training.

Keeping Connected has decided there should be three “teams” – in Lowick, Bowsden and Fenwick. The team members are asked to clear the path and pavement outside any person in their immediate vicinity who needs help in bad weather, if thjey are able to do so.

If you are prepared to help – declare yourself fit, sign the list in Lowick Village Store, or contact the scheme coordinator – Julie Gibbs at It would help if you could add your address, when you put your name down.

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