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……..of Lowick Fetes and Festivities

Sadly we have to report that the Community Day suggested by Northumberland has come to nought, as far as Lowick is concerned. With no communication or encouragement from the organisers, and no sign of enthusiasm for celebrating anything in April, the PC has decided to withdraw from the project.

Which is a pity, since we are all loyal Northumbrians, and it’s always good to fly the flag. The PC spent a while discussing celebrations members enjoyed in the past and a number of us had photos and footage of previous village fetes and festivals – so instead of a making a new one in the winter, we decided to produce a video of 50 years of Lowick’s Fairs and Fetes.

If you have pictures, memories or film/video of local events in this period – email them to me at lowick.live@outlook.com, and I’ll put them to good use.

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