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CPR – courtesy of Medscape

An excellent session on CPR and using the defibrillator was put on in Lowick Village Hall on the 13th February. Around 15 people attended, and we learned an enormous amount about what to do and what not to do when someone has a cardiac arrest. Rebecca Owen and Mark Mather talked us through the processes and demonstrated the equipment – and we all had a chance to practice CPR on some of the dummies they brought along.

It’s remarkable how these procedures and really quite easy and the session succeeded in removing some of our fears about what to do and what’s in the box with a green light – should the occasion arise.

To think about:

1. As the survival rate from a cardiac arrest outside of hospital in this country is 8% and compares poorly with Norway where its 25% – shouldn’t we have more training sessions like this so that many more people know what to do?

2. Should we have another defibrillator in Lowick – towards the bottom of the village – the recommended distance between them is 500 m. Maybe the Village Hall would be a good location?

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