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With winter always upon us, Lowick Connect and the Parish Council are keen to form a squad of local snow warden volunteers who will turn out and clear pathways for people who are struggling to get out in the event of severe snowfall.

Northumberland County Council will support our local Snow Squad with equipment  for each volunteer. This is described below, together with the advice given to prospective volunteers.

If you are interested in helping, please visit the Village Shop where Karen is marshalling a team, and ask to sign up on the volunteers list. This is a NCC requirement. They also will need your shoe size!

Read on if you wish to volunteer – if not look no further!

Community volunteers are being sought to help clear snow and ice from Northumberland’s pavements and paths this winter.

Following its success in other parts of the country, the council is introducing a Snow Warden Scheme where an individual or a group of community volunteers can sign up to help clear snow and ice from public footpaths in their local area during periods of severe winter weather. 

While there are residents out there already who get involved and are keen to help in their communities the council want to grow this and introduce a more formal scheme where these important volunteers are supported.

For more information and to sign up to the scheme go to www.northumberland.gov.uk/snowwardens

The council will provide volunteers with a snow warden kit, which includes a snow shovel; salt, a thermal hat with head torch, a pair of thermal gloves and a hi-vis vest.  

Paul Jones, the council’s Director of Local Services, explained: “As the weather starts to turn colder we’ve done a lot of planning to ensure we have the right resources in place when wintry conditions arrive.

“Our dedicated Winter Services programme, including scores of staff, a fleet of gritting vehicles and the latest technology, mean clear arrangements are in place to treat our road network and high priority footpaths in town centres during periods of snow and ice. 

While we continue to provide this priority service it’s simply not possible to do everything or be everywhere and that’s why we’re appealing to residents to play their part.

“We know from the past where we’ve had snow the great community spirit here in Northumberland, with people clearing their local paths and looking out for their neighbours. 

“We want to build on that spirit and ensure people have the right kit to do the job when they’re helping out.

“And while it’s never too late to join up I’d encourage anyone who’d like to volunteer to get in touch as soon as possible.

Please also click onto the link below to download the Risk Assessment Form which will help to ensure that all safety aspects of your role are followed.  You will need to complete this before we can issue your equipment.

Please click here for the Risk Assessment Form

You should also follow the government’s guidelines on clearing snow safely if you want to clear snow yourself.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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